Motivational Keychain

$ 15.00

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Create a one of a kind Keychain to help you go through your journey and to remind you that you CAN and you WILL do it. We can engrave a quote, a name or a date the possibilities are endless. 

STEP 1. Write the quote you want us to engrave, try to limit it to 20 words or the letters will be too small to read.

STEP 2. Want to engrave the back of the necklace as well? Please select the back engraving option.

STEP 3. Enhance your Keychain with our beautiful charms/birthstones  

STEP 4. You can have RESULTS or EXCUSES not BOTH!!!

This keychain is high quality 22g Stainless Steel for tarnish free longevity. 

“For international shipping please allow 1-3 additional weeks for delivery"