Double Sided Round Necklace

$ 35.00

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If your browser doesn't provide you with the option to Upload the Pictures when you are trying to order please place the order and then email us the pictures you would like to use at

Please submit high quality photos with good lighting and clear detail. Keep in mind that the better the image, the clearer it will appear on your pendant. The background of the pictures may be removed (to our discretion or at the customer request), we will do our best to crop and edit the picture to deliver the best possible outcome. 

This necklace is high quality 22g Stainless Steel for tarnish free Longevity. The possibilities are endless, kids pictures, hands and footprints, wedding pictures and more.

If purchasing more than one, please add each order individually to the cart in order to be able to customize each order separately. 

“For international shipping please allow 1-3 additional weeks for delivery" 

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